The Parks department strives to provide the community with beautifully landscaped and manicured parks and green spaces.

The Parks philosophy and role is to maintain public green spaces, outdoor recreational facilities and to ensure that a diverse parks system is maintained to the highest possible standard while ensuring opportunities for active and passive leisure that will enhance quality of life for individuals and the community.

The City of Airdrie Parks department offers residents 1,090 acres of maintained parkland and 101 kilometres of paved pathways within Airdrie, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle. The City also offers many cultural, outdoor recreation and natural features within the parks spaces.

The Parks department works diligently to ensure all of our areas are well maintained, washrooms are stocked and outdoor structures are clean.

However, from time-to-time there may be an area that is overlooked. If you come across a green space or park that is in need of attention, please contact the Parks department to submit a customer service request. 

Please note

Although the parks and green spaces within Airdrie do not physically close, the hours of operation are from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. (as per Section 4 of the Parks Bylaw No. B-13/2009). Individuals using the pathways to travel through the park is permitted after 11 p.m., however, anyone found loitering after hours may be  asked to leave the park and in certain circumstances, may be fined.


Co-existing with beavers

Although beavers are adorable, they can also be very destructive in an urban environment by taking down trees and building dams that flood banks and disrupt the natural flow of water downstream which affects fish and other wildlife.

For years, the City of Airdrie has been trying various ways to co-exist with beavers living in our city that is mutually beneficial, however no workable solution has been found. 

But there is new hope this week as the City of Airdrie tries a new tactic; installing a pond leveller in Nose Creek Park.

A company called Eagle Creek will install the pond leveller which will allow water to move from upstream of the beaver dam to the downstream side. This will, in theory, enable the beaver family to remain in the deeper water upstream while the creek will continue to flow with a reduced risk of beaver caused flooding of the banks.

Parks staff will monitor how the pond leveller is working. If it is found to be a successful method it could be used in other areas of the City as well. 


Local News

Check out the Airdrie Echo article for more information on the services that the Parks department provides to the City of Airdrie residents.

Check out Airdrie 106 Parks interview regarding interpretive signage around Airdrie.

Check out the Discover Airdrie article about Parks - May 31, 2016


Nose Creek Park Enhancement 2017

In the summer of 2016, construction was finished on the concession/ covered area and washrooms at Nose Creek Park.

In 2017, construction will begin on the new amphitheatre and a boardwalk style walkway along the south side of the pond/amphitheatre as well as aadditional landscaping. 

There will be a significant amount of construction taking place in the park during this period. Although the park’s pathways and playgrounds will still be accessible, there will be times when portions of pathway are inaccessible. The City will do its best to minimize disruption to park users.

In previous years the City of Airdrie has stocked trout in the pond however, due to the enhancement project this year, this will not be possible. 

There will be no park bookings in Nose Creek Park during construction. Alternate locations you may consider are:

  • East Lake Park
  • Fletcher Park
  • Jensen Park

If you have any questions about booking park space, please call Parks at 403-948-8400.

The City of Airdrie is looking forward to enjoying this newly renovated park with the community in 2017!


Interested in donating a tree to a parks space?

If you would like see more trees in the Parks and green spaces, feel free to check out Airdrie's tree donation process.


Free Mulch

Starting April 19, 2016 at 15 East Lake Hill, there will be a pile of bark mulch available for Airdrie residents at no cost and is not intended for commercial use. Please help yourself!

Mulch created from the pruning of local trees by the City’s Parks department is being provided free of charge to Airdrie residents for residential garden use. Mulch content varies and the City of Airdrie makes no representation of the quality of the mulch, or that it is free of substances which may be toxic to plants, animals, and/or humans.

 Please note:

  • Staff is not available to load mulch.
  • Load, transport and use at your own risk.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves while handling mulch.

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